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  1728Matthew Boulton, Engineer who assisted James Watt
  1913Alan Ladd, American film actor
  1936Elizabeth Dawn, Actress ('Vera' in Coronation Street)
  1940Pauline Collins, TV film and stage actress
  1942Al Jardine, Guitarist with the 'Beach Boys'
  1944Gary Walker, Of the Pop group 'The Walker Brothers'
  1944Geoff Arnold, Sussex cricketer

  1658Oliver Cromwell, known as the Lord Protector, died of pneumonia
  1783The American 'War of Independence' came to an end, when Britain signed a treaty in Paris
  1916Captain L. Robinson, flying over London, became the first pilot to shoot down a Zeppelin; he was awarded a 'Victoria Cross'
  1935Malcolm Campbell achieved a new world landspeed record of 301.13mph on Bonneville Salt Flats, USA
  1939Britain and France declared war on Germany, starting World War 2
  1967Sweden changed to driving on the on the right side of the road, in common with most of Europe
  1976The US spacecraft Viking 2 successfully landed on Mars
  1983Gales lashed Britain, leading to the deaths of five people
  1988The first fines for not filling and returning poll tax registration forms were issued in Scotland

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