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Oggi Accadde: 28 Giugno, 2016

  1721Jean-Jacques Rousseau, French writer
  1918Viscount Whitelaw, Conservative politician
  1927Mel Brooks, American comedy director & actor
  1929Harold Evans, British newspaper editor
  1936Sir Garfield Sobers, Cricketer
  1936John Inman, Comedy actor
  1946Gilda Radner, American actress
  1982Jennifer Freeman, Programmer (me)

  1834Queen Victoria was crowned at Westminster Abbey
  1861Robert Burke, the Irish born explorer of Australia, died
  1930The jet engine was patented by Frank Whittle
  1935Rupert Bear appeared for the first time in the Daily Express
  1939PAN AM began a regular air service from the United States to Europe
  1950North Korean forces captured the city of Seoul
  1966The US broke its links with Argentina after a militray takeover in Argentina
  1984The government was defeated in the Lords over plans to scrap the GLC
  1990Romanian Ion Iliesco was sworn in as President

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