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Oggi Accadde: 5 Maggio, 2016

  1512Geradus Mercator, German map maker
  1803George Borrow, English author
  1818Karl Marx, German author
  1904Sir Gordon Richards, Champion jockey
  1942Tammy Wynette, American singer
  1943Michael Palin, Monty Python member
  1944Roger Rees, Actor

  1751The Portuguese government took steps to curb the Inquisitions powers
  1821Napoleon Bonaparte, the French emporer, died at St. Helena
  1902The German government denied women the right to political association
  1930Aviator Amy Johnson left Croydon on her solo flight to Australia
  1942The Battle of Coral Sea, in the Pacific, took place
  1952The Queen took up residence at Buckingham Palace
  1961Alan Shepard became the first American into space
  1980SAS commandoes stormed the Iranian Embassy, freeing the 19 hostages held there
  1988A live broadcast from the top of Mt Everest was made for the first time, by Japanese TV

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