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Oggi Accadde: 27 Novembre, 2015

  1701Anders Celsius, Swedish deviser of the Celsius thermometer
  1913Robert Dougall, Broadcaster, author and former BBC TV newsreader
  1925Ernie Wise, 'Straight man' to the late Eric Morecambe
  1929Alan Simpson, Author and scriptwriter; 'Hancock's Half Hour'
  1938Rodney Bewes, Television actor; 'The Likely Lads'
  1940John Alderton, Actor of stage and screen
  1942Jimi Hendrix, American Guitarist and singer
  1944Eddie Rabbit, Top 'country' act

  1582William Shakespeare aged 18, married Anne Hathaway
  1895The french playwright Alexandre Dumas died
  1914Britains first policewomen, Mary Allen and E.F Harburn began their duties in Grantham, Lincolnshire
  1944In a storage cavern beneath Staffordshire, 4,000 tons of explosives exploded. The explosion was heard 100 miles away in London
  1953The writer and nobel prize winner, Eugene O'Neill died in Boston USA
  1967President of France, General Charles de Gaulle, refused British entry to the Common Market
  1976The four millionth 'Mini' left the production line

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