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Oggi Accadde: 29 Maggio, 2016

  1630King Charles II of Britain
  1851Leon Bourgeois, French politician
  1874Gilbert Keith Chesterton, English novelist
  1903Bob Hope, US entertainer who often appeared with Bing Crosby
  1917John F. Kennedy, Former (35th) American President
  1939Nanette Newman, Actress
  1959Rupert Everett, Actor

  1829Humphry Davy, inventor of the mining safety lamp, died
  1911William Gilbert, of the Gilbert & Sullivan operas fame, died
  1912British dockworkers went on strike for a minimum wage
  1919Einstein's theories were given a practical test during an eclipse
  1940British forces began their evacuation from Dunkirk, France
  1979Zimbabwes first black bishop was appointed
  1982Pope John Paul II beagn a trip to the UK, the first Pope for over 450 years
  1990Brois Yeltsin was elected leader of the Russian Federation
  1992UN forces took control of Sarajevo airport, allowing aid flights to land

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