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Oggi Accadde: 27 Aprile, 2015

  1759Mary Godwin/Shelly, Author of the novel 'Frankenstein'
  1791Samuel Morse, Inventor of Morse Code
  1822Ulysses S.Grant, Former (18th) American President
  1904Cecil Day Lewis, English poet
  1922Jack Klugman, American actor
  1944Michael Fish, Television weatherman
  1959Sheena Easton, Singer

  1937King George VI opened the National Maritime Museum
  1937The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco USA was opened
  1939Conscription for men aged 20-21 was announced in Britain
  1941The city of Athens, Greece, was captured by the German army
  1961Sierra Leone, in Africa, became an independent republic
  1967The Expo '67 exhibition opened in Montreal, Canada
  1976Britain began exporting oil from the North Sea
  1981The Now! magazine ceased publication, after making huge losses
  1984The seige at the London office of the Libyan embassy ended
  1987The inquiry into the 'Herald Of Free Enterprise' ferry disaster began

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