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  1834Amilcare Ponchielli, Italian composer
  1854Engelbert Humperdinck, German composer
  1875Edgar Rice Burroughs, American novelist
  1923Rocky Marciano, American former boxing champion
  1931Lord (Cecil) Parkinson, Conservative politician
  1933Conway Twitty, Rock star and country music act in the 1950's
  1946Barry Gibb, Singer and guitarist ('Bee Gees')
  1957Gloria Estefan, Cuban born Pop singer

  1920The state of Lebanon was created by France, Beirut becoming the capital
  1923An earthquake struck Japan, killing 300,000 people in Tokyo and Yokohama
  1933H.G Wells published his science fiction novel 'The Shape of the Things to Come'
  1951Britains first supermarket opened in Earls Court, London
  1971The one penny and threepenny coins, ceased to be legal tender in Britain
  1974The Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird fighter created a new record by flying the Atlantic in under 2 hours
  1979Pioneer 11 became the first spacecraft to flyby the planet Saturn
  1981Garages in Britain began selling petrol in litres
  1985After 73 years the wreck of the 'Titanic' is found by Dr Robert Ballard

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