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Oggi Accadde: 1 Agosto, 2015

  1815Richard Henry Dana, American novelist
  1921Jack Kramer, American tennis player
  1930Lionel Bart, Composer
  1933Dom Deluise, American film actor
  1936Yves Saint-Laurent, Designer
  1943Andy Roxburgh, Football coach

  1498Christopher Columbus reached the mainland of North America
  1774Joseph Priestley isolated the gas 'oxygen' for the first time
  1793The metric unit of mass, the kilogram, was introduced in France
  1798The English navy, under Nelson, defeated the French at the Battle of the Nile
  1834The British Empire abolished slavery
  1912An airmail service between London and Paris began
  1914Germany declared war on the Soviet Union; Italy declared itself neutral
  1965Cigarette advertising on British television was banned
  1975The Helsinki Agreement, on human rights, was signed by over 35 nations
  1976Trinidad and Tobago became an independent country from Britain

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