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Oggi Accadde: 20 Aprile, 2014

  1889Adolf Hitler, Dictator of Germany
  1893Harold Lloyd, American silent film star
  1893Joan Miro, Spanish artist
  1938Peter Snow, Television reporter
  1939Ray Brooks, English television actor
  1941Ryan O'Neal, American film actor
  1949Jessica Lange American film actress
  1961Nicholas Lyndhurst, Television actor

  1770British explorer Captain Cook reached New South Wales, Australia
  1912The Irish author of the novel 'Dracula', Bram Stoker, died
  1929The first Italian parliament made up completely from Mussolinis Fascists opened
  1949The first ever Badminton Horse Trials were held
  1961There was a revolt in the South African country of Angola
  1969Pierre Trudeau became the Prime Minister of Canada
  1980Many people were injured & arrested in Lewisham, as NF & Anti-Nazi League members clashed
  1989It was announced that an asteroid had 'narrowly' missed the Earth
  1993The UN recommended the creation of 'safe havens' in Bosnia

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