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Frasi Famose

Oggi Accadde: 31 Luglio, 2014

  1803John Ericsson, American naval engineer
  1927Peter Nichols, English author
  1929Lynne Reid Banks, English writer
  1944Jonathon Dimbleby, Broadcaster
  1944Geraldine Chaplin, Actress & daughter of Charlie
  1951Evonne Crawley, Australian tennis player

  1943Jim Reeves, the American country and western singer, died in an aircrash
  1950Sainsbury's opened Britains first self-service store
  1954The Mountain K2 was climbed for the first time by an Italian team
  1964Spacecraft Ranger 7 transmited the first close-up photographs of the Moons surface
  1965The advertising of cigarettes on British television was banned
  1969The halfpenny ceased to be legal tender in Britain
  1973The Ulster Assembly, Northern Ireland, sat for the first time

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