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Oggi Accadde: 24 Aprile, 2014

  1815Anthony Trollope, English novelist
  1906William Joyce, Wartime broadcaster: 'Lord Haw-Haw'
  1934Shirley MacLaine, American film actress
  1941John Williams, Guitarist
  1942Barbra Streisland, American singer & actress

  1900The Daily Express newspaper was published for the first time
  1916The Easter Rising took place in Dublin, Ireland
  1941Empire forces began withdrawing from Greece
  1949Sweet rationing in the UK, introduced because of the war, ended
  1953Winston Churchill was made a Knight of the Garter by the Queen
  1961General de Gaulle of France ordered a blockade of Algeria
  1970China became the 5th nation to launch a satellite into orbit
  1974Bud Abbott, the US comedian of Abbott & Costello fame, died
  1985Israel began the third stage of its troop removal from Lebanon
  1986There was a terrorist bomb explosion in Oxford Street, London

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